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Vital Questions to Ask Any Professional Ceramic Coatings Installer or Shop Near Medford, Oregon

As discussed in our previous blog, “Vital Questions to Ask Any Paint Protection Film Installer Near Medford, Oregon” we talked about one of two ways to protect your vehicle's paint from the harsh outside elements. Paint protection film is one option when considering protection against the elements. Ceramic coatings are another option for vehicle paint protection. For those of you considering a ceramic coating for your car. We have created a comprehensive list of questions you should ask any ceramic coating installer around the Medford Oregon area, as well as the answers you should expect to receive. Let's start from the beginning…

What is a ceramic coating?

Like paint protection film, ceramic coatings are a barrier between your vehicle's paint and the harsh outside elements. UV rays from the sun, droppings, and hard water all become worries of the past once you have applied a ceramic coating to your vehicle. But what is a ceramic coating? Ceramic coating is a specially formulated liquid you apply to your vehicle's paint. Once dried, the ceramic coating sits on top of your paint; you can think of it as a clear coat. Invisible to the eye, but provides huge benefits when it comes to protecting your paint. Furthermore, ceramic coatings provide a hydrophobic layer of protection for your vehicle, allowing unwanted liquids to slide off the surface. Ceramic coatings are just another new way you can protect the investment in your vehicle with a protective layer.

Why should I consider purchasing a ceramic coating for my vehicle?

Ceramic coatings are a perfect solution for the consumer who is looking to protect their vehicle for a long time. Ceramic coatings offer huge protective benefits to your paint, while being invisible to the eye. Unless the vehicle's paint was touched and inspected, it would be very difficult to know whether a vehicle had a ceramic coating applied to it. Another reason to think about ceramic coatings for your vehicle is that they are meant to protect! With less worry about dangers such as hard water stains, scratches, and even the sun's UV rays, you can enjoy your vehicle to its full potential.

How do you prepare my car for a ceramic coating?

Before ceramic coatings are applied by professional ceramic coating installers, the surface of your vehicle's paint is thoroughly prepped. A proper detail is commenced, and clay bars are used in this process to ensure all contaminants lift away from the paint's surface. Buffing and polishing using high-speed rotating machinery is the next step. The level of abrasive compounds used will vary depending on the severity of the scratches and swirl marks on your paint. A ceramic coating is only applied after the paint of your vehicle is as clean as it can be. Any scratches left unattended before applying ceramic coatings will result in that scratch being perfectly preserved under the protective layer. The preparation of your vehicle's paint is as important as the ceramic coating itself.

Do you use trusted ceramic coating brands?

Of course. Although unlikely, a ceramic coating shop will use an off-brand of ceramic coating. Making sure a ceramic coating installer uses a major brand of ceramic coating is very critical. Here at Solar Shield in Medford, Oregon, we prefer using Ceramic Pro 9H for our ceramic coatings. We prefer using a major brand such as Ceramic Pro for a couple of reasons: unmatched quality, high protective values, and great warranties from the manufacturers. Next time you're shopping for a ceramic coating installer in Medford, Oregon, ask them which brand they use!

What ceramic coating packages do you offer?

Each ceramic coating shop will have slightly different packages to select from. The packages will usually start with a few items on your vehicle being coated and can end with a larger package, such as the entire vehicle being coated. Here's what kind of services you can expect from other shops based on what we offer: Our first package is the “sport exterior package” This one-layer ceramic coating protects painted areas and trim, as well as your wheel faces. Something like this package can be a great entry point for somebody looking to ceramic coat their vehicle. On the furthest end of the scale, we have the “Gold Exterior Package” which applies 4 layers of ceramic coating to your paintwork, including plastic trim. This package also includes Ceramic Pro Rain to be applied to the windshield and Ceramic pros “wheel and caliper” on the wheel faces. It is great practice to research what packages each shop offers. Before making a choice, you should ask the ceramic coating installer this next question…

Which ceramic coating package is right for me?

This is a great question to ask before making a decision on a ceramic coating package. This question really depends on how you drive and what kind of conditions you put your car through. If you are a simple in-town driver, perhaps a basic package would suit you, this would provide ample coverage for your paint and the areas susceptible to damage. If you are a commuter, perhaps the higher end package would be best. For those long highway journeys, you might want the most coverage you can get. Having coverage against your paint, plastic trim, windshield, and wheels will give you peace of mind knowing the dangers of the highways cannot reach your vehicle's paint. Before asking about packages, make sure to think about which type of driver you are.

Does your ceramic coating shop offer warranties?

Yes. Most ceramic coating installers will offer some type of warranty. For example, we at Solar Shield offer a 6-month warranty on our “sport exterior package” and a lifetime warranty on our “gold exterior package.” Warranties are a great chance for our shop to see how our work plays out in real time. Annual inspections of the ceramic coating give us insight into the application process, all while providing you with the best coverage possible.

Do you offer check-up appointments?

Absolutely. Like visiting the doctor for a professional opinion on your health, routine PPF check-up appointments offer the customer a way to see if their PPF is in the exact shape it needs to be in, and they also offer PPF installers a chance for feedback. A win-win situation for everybody involved. We recommend finding a clear bra installer that offers services like this. It takes the doubt out of your questions when you go right to the source.


We hope you found this article informative. Now you have the tools you need to be confident when asking about ceramic coatings. If you are interested in learning more about the ceramic coating packages we offer, please visit our ceramic pro coatings page. If you would like to expand on some questions you have, please give us a call and talk to one of our professionals. We would love to hear from you

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