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Xpel Paint Protection Film / Clear Bra Installation. 
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Ultra glossy, hydrophobic, self healing and  puncture resistant Clear Bra

DYNOshield provides you with a top-coated paint protection film. Our nano-glass top coat is bonded to the film at a molecular level during manufacturing virtually eliminating the need for waxes or after-market top coatings. DYNOshield is unique in the market because of STEK's combination of an extremely hydrophobic top coating plus self-healing properties for correction of light surface scratches. Our top coat combined with UV-resistant anti-yellowing adhesives results in extreme clarity and gloss plus improved puncture resistance.


Matte finish, hydrophobic, self healing and puncture resistant Clear Bra.

Sharing our DYNO line HYDROphobe® top-coat technology this Paint Protection Film offers hydrophobics and self-healing with the aesthetics of a smooth matte finish. You don't have to pay a premium for a paint to option or a sub par paint job. Feel confident your vehicle is protected, preserving your original paint and giving you the beautiful matte finish you deserve.

Xpel Clear Bra Paint Protection Film Clear Bra Installation Medford Oregon

This invisible paint protection film that is 8 millimeters thick and can be applied to any painted surface. Our computer-cut patterns are designed to fit any current vehicles’ hoods, fenders, mirrors, and bumpers.

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Full hood installation in progress




         Ultra glossy, hydrophobic, self healing and

                    puncture resistant Clear Bra.

DYNOshield PAINT PROTECTION FILM (PPF) is a crystal clear PPF using STEK’s unique HYDROphobe® top coating to deliver an extremely high gloss, extra durable finish. DYNOshield’s brilliant shine will certainly help maintain that “just waxed” look for your car without you having to apply any wax! HYDROphobe improves contaminant resistance from water marks, insects, bird droppings, road oils, exhaust smoke, and pollutants that can create stains, yellowing, and gloss out on the film’s surface. With its excellent “shock-proofing” properties it protects vehicle paint against chipping, scratching, car wash brush marks, etc. HYDROphobe’s properties help DYNOshield provide the highest level of protection available from a paint protection film.

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The painted surfaces that are covered with the Paint Protection Film are cleaned thoroughly to make sure the finished product is perfect.

"The staff was outstanding in their service, professionalism and quality. Everything was as expected, and they were able to satisfy additional custom requests with ease. Highly recommend."
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