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Safety Film

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Armorcoat is a strong, resilient film that helps protect people and property from the hazards of broken glass. Armorcoat has met impact requirements for some of the most stringent tests in the industry and has been field tested for over 20 years. This Safety film is made from only the highest quality materials, such as tough, high tensile polyester and ultra-strong mounting adhesives – available in thicknesses ranging from 4 to 14 Mil, with thicker films offering greater protection.

There are dozens of alternative safety products that offer various degrees of protection. But none can match Armorcoat’s demonstrated effectiveness with such an affordable price tag. We will assess your property for the best film to suit your needs and provide you with a free estimate. Some installations qualify for insurance rebates, check with your local provider. Plus, Armorcoat is so reliable that it comes fully backed by a comprehensive manufacturer’s warranty.

With so many benefits bundled into one product, it’s no wonder why so many home and business owners have already put Armorcoat to work for them. You’ll receive increased protection against natural disasters, criminal acts, accidental glass breakage and even the sun. It’s Armorcoat’s job to help:

  • Reinforce Glass & Contain Shards
  • Minimize Risk of Airborne Shattered Glass
  • Deter Intruders
  • Provide Around the Clock Protection & Peace of Mind
  • Improve Climate, Comfort & Energy Efficiency with Solar Control Versions

Armorcoat safety film is widely reputed as one of the most effective, affordable, proven glass retrofit solutions available for residential, commercial and government applications.

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Keep glass from flying and intruders out with safety film

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