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Windows are an essential aspect to today's architecture; they bring warmth and life into any interior by illuminating with natural light and providing a clear view to the outside world. Unfortunately they also bring in unwelcome heat, glare, and damaging ultraviolet rays. Air conditioning bills increase due to excessive heat load. Many of today's films complement growing demands for large architectural glass structures with their excellent solar control performance, high clarity, and low reflectivity. Superb heat rejection properties also play a vital role in conserving energy in buildings. Calculations have shown that a significant reduction in utility costs can be achieved, giving quick returns on investments and savings year after year.

The Skyline Plaza uses Huper Optik window film on the west side of the building to cut tremendous amounts of heat to make the residents more comfortable and save expenses on energy costs.

The benefits of installing window film are:

1. Provides impressive energy savings.
2. Improve comfort year round.
3. Helps protect against ultraviolet damage.
4. Diminish bothersome glare.
5. Enhance exterior appearance.

Our windows are our weakest link to the outside and they cost us a fortune in energy expense from their inefficiency. Many building owners have enjoyed the benefit of window film. In most cases, the return is so great, the building owners not only save on the energy costs, but also enjoy the longer life of the air conditioning units.

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Make work environments more comfortable, increasing performance as well as lowering energy costs.

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