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Many of us spend an amazing amount of time in our vehicles. While we couldn’t live without the sun, there are a few things that we could do without.  From the unbearable heat and unstoppable glare, to the fading of the interior of our vehicles, and last but not least the damage done to our skin – all these issues and more are addressed with the application of window film.

Solar Shield Window Tinting offers a complete line of automotive window films. Whether you are after aesthetic changes or just good old comfort, we have a solution for all your needs.  All of our window films will make your vehicle cooler, more comfortable, and more appealing, while also protecting you!  Our films block up to 99.9% of damaging sun rays, protecting both car and driver.  Automotive window tinting also helps in accidents, as it keeps glass in place rather than flying around.

Huper Optik spectrally tuned Ceramic window films offer superb heat rejection without compromising visibility.

We have two decades of experience in this industry.  When it comes to the installation of window tinting and guiding the customer to which window film will best suit their needs, Solar Shield has an excellent reputation and track record.  Through the years we have satisfied thousands of customers. We enjoy many great relationships with people who continue to benefit from our services and refer their friends and neighbors to us to also experience the Solar Shield difference.

Benefits of Window Film

  1. Increase comfort
  2. Block 99% of the UV/A & UV/B rays
  3. Reduce glare
  4. Add Protection
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